Welcome to Hunger Down

Please note: This is a TEMPORARY website for Hunger Down. The resource and news sections are works in progress. A robust, state of the art site will be published in 2917 that will cover not only Hunger Down, but all hunger relief programs, services, activities and resources in Rhode Island and in some cases, throughout the world.

It’s time for Rhode Islanders to ask whether we should be content with:

  • Nearly one out of every 8 Rhode Islanders  going hungry or facing food security issues
  • Roughly 14% of Rhode Islanders and almost 22% of our children living in poverty
  • 60,000 Rhode Islanders per month seek food assistance
  • 15.4% of Rhode Island households lack the resources to purchase adequate food
  • Between 62 and 70% of Food Bank clients choosing between paying rent or utilities and food
  • Food donations to the Food Bank down 2 million pounds

Rhode Island’s hunger relief, nonprofit, business and music communities have done a great deal to reduce hunger in Rhode Island  but it’s time to do more. Hunger Down is an effort by Rhode Island’s music and nonprofit communities to strengthen, through collaboration, hunger relief efforts by raising awareness and developing or assisting with programs to meet increasing demands.

Our initial, primary initiative is to encourage entertainment venues and events to collect food or money automatically at every event, without having to wait for a food drive.  In addition, a website will promote all state and some national efforts to reduce hunger raise awareness about the need to strengthen efforts, and encourage people to get involved.

This is just a start. Once we get going, all entities throughout the state, including businesses and government agencies, will be encouraged to join in and collect food all the time (Pawtucket and Central Falls have already signed on). In addition, we will keep track of efforts to reduce hunger and encourage people to either assist with existing programs, or work together to develop new ones where needed.

More than 200 people are already assisting with this project. We ask venues, music professionals and artists, businesses and individuals to join us and hunger down to further reduce hunger in Rhode Island. Read more about this project using the links below or email us: